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Hero Alert: Darnell Taylor Saves Family After Mother Purposely Drives Into River

Hero Alert: Darnell Taylor Saves Family After Mother Purposely Drives Into River


A New Jersey man is being called a hero today for pulling three teens from the Delaware River after their mother allegedly tried to kill them.

Darnell Taylor was heading to dinner with his wife when he noticed a van sticking out of the river and people trapped inside. Taylor is grieving the loss of his father who succumbed to cancer on Wednesday morning, but still sprang into action to rescue…

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Major Retailers Sell Out of ‘Mimi Shower Rods’

Major Retailers Sell Out of ‘Mimi Shower Rods’


Many of us are simply amazed at how the shower rod didn’t break in Mimi’s staged sex tape. (Yeah, I said staged.) But apparently many are just as eager to test their own acrobatic skills.

Major Retailers Sell Out of 'Mimi Shower Rods'

According to TMZ, major retailers – Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, and Walmart – from Georgia to California are selling out of super-strong shower rods.

Even a Twitter search for “Mimi shower rod yields a list…

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Black Journalist Wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize

Black Journalist Wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize

041714 Stephen Henderson (1)Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press has won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for “his columns on the financial crisis facing his hometown, written with passion and a stirring sense of place, sparing no one in their critique.”

“There is still greatness there and excellence,” Henderson says of his hometown of Detroit . “I feel like it’s ironic, almost, that I’m being honored for work about perhaps…

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Evidence Shows Darren Sharper DNA on Arizona Rape Victim

Evidence Shows Darren Sharper DNA on Arizona Rape Victim

Darren SharperIn an attempt to keep former NFL player Darren Sharper, 38, behind bars for felony rape, Arizona prosecutors presented evidence that semen matching Sharper’s DNA was found on one of his alleged victims’ leggings. Testing also revealed a partial DNA match on the victim’s genitals.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Warren Granville continued Wednesday’s hearing until Thursday after about an hour…

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Judge Dismisses B. Scott’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against BET, Cites First Amendment

Judge Dismisses B. Scott’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against BET, Cites First Amendment


A California judge has dismissed B. Scott’s discrimination lawsuit against BET, citing the network’s freedom of speech.

Last year, Scott was scheduled to appear on the red carpet as a style correspondent for the 2013 BET Awards, but was asked to switch outfits after the dress Scott wore was deemed “inappropriate.”

Scott penned an open letter about the incident, noting the dress chosen had been…

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Does It Really Matter Who’s Adopting Black Kids?

Does It Really Matter Who’s Adopting Black Kids?

Transracial Adoption- Should Parents Be Required To Take  Classes Before Adopting Children Of Other Ethnic Backgrounds?

According to recent statistics by the Department of Health and Human Services, there are over 400,000 kids waiting to be adopted in the United States.  And unfortunately out of the kids that are adopted by families about 14 percent of those children are Black. You would think that people would want Black children to find homes with families, regardless of the parent’s race, but there are those…

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10 Ready For Spring Natural Hairstyles

10 Ready For Spring Natural Hairstyles

10 Ready For Spring Natural Hairstyles

Like all hair types, natural hair has seasons you want to have it extra-protected and conditioned, times of the year you want to rock a bun, and those times when you want to let it rock freely.

Spring feels like a new beginning and after a season of a harsh winter, it feels great to do some fun things with your tresses and know that they won’t be subject to the harsh elements.

For most of us, a…

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'Orange Is the New Black' Is Back! Here's a Peek At Season 2

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Back! Here’s a Peek At Season 2

Get ready Orange Is the New Black fans, the ladies of Litchfield are back for a new season, and from the looks of things, it’s going to be good!

Orange is the New Black (OITNB) centers on Piper Chapman, a woman sentenced to 15-months in prison for smuggling drugs. After being sent to Litchfeld, Chapman meets an eclectic group of inmates who are all trying to cope with life behind bars. The show…

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How I Wash My Hair While Wearing A Weave

How I Wash My Hair While Wearing A Weave


I sometimes get asked by the bold and the curious if I wash my hair while wearing extensions.

The answer: Of course I wash my hair! What do I look like, a stray cat?

Just because you have been hooked up with the flyest, illest and sickest weave by the weave gawds, you should NEVER neglect what you were naturally given. That is my number-one rule whilst wearing weaves or extensions, and it’s a…

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She’s Born With It: Jourdan Dunn is the New Face of Maybelline

She’s Born With It: Jourdan Dunn is the New Face of Maybelline

041714 Jourdan Dunn Maybelline

There’s no doubt Jourdan Dunn was “born with it.” And she’s just snagged a Maybelline contract to prove it!

“Jourdan’s look, style and positive energy are perfect for the Maybelline New York brand,” says Jerome Bruhat, Maybelline’s global brand president to Vogue UK. “She truly reflects Maybelline’s vision of global beauty.”

Dunn is ecstatic about her new gig, adding it to her roster of beauty…

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