The Michelle Obama Factor: the Media, Myths, and Black Women


In the past four years, you’ve probably learned a lot about black women. We areeternally single, but we refuse to marry outside of our race. We are fat and proud, but we’re alsoconsidered the least attractive. And, even though ourwild curly hair is not attractive, we are still obsessed with it — and boy, do we spend a lot on it!

As a black woman, I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know. And I didn’t know it because it wasn’t true. I did know, however, that not a single one of these publications, websites, blogs, or think tanks had been at all concerned about black women four years ago. But suddenly they were about as fascinated with us as a puppy with a slab of bacon.

What changed? The answer is simple. While we have been here for centuries, we’d never been in the White House before. And the 2008 election gave us our first black president and first lady.

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